Luke Adamczewski
M.Sc. Eng.

I specialize in PHP Web Programming especially in conjunction with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and LESS.

I'm a developer with thorough understanding of concepts behind web applications. During my 7 years of experience on IT field I have achieved many goals and successful projects. Currently I'm keen on Symfony2 framework used on daily basis at work.

Below is the list of technologies that I have taken advantage of for recent project. I strongly recommend to view my linkedin account to see some of my applications and endorsed skills.

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Employment History

PHP programmer at Polcode
2011 — NOW

The main objective of my work is to provide high quality software for Odesk workplace clients all around the world (Especially USA, Canada, Germany, UK clients). Most project that I was working on were built from scratch based on provided specification or general idea. To be more specific I am creating applications using Symfony2 or Zend Framework but i had also to refactor or enhance already existing code written for example in Kohana, Joomla or even Python.

Symfony programmer at Estorm
2009 — 2011

I was working with several e-commerce and social websites including dating apps, real estate apps and social networks. Most of projects were accomplished using symfony 1.x framework. This projects were build using both Propel and Doctrine ORM's. I have also used Flex 4 technology for implementing video chatting client. It was made using RED5 media server.

PHP programmer at Opexim
2008 — 2009

I was working mainly with Zend Framework. I was responsible for exporting module for OsCommerce products used for Onet Zakupy.

2005 — 2008

At the beginning of my professional career I was implementing web applications for befriend clients. I was also working on custom CMS and learning new technologies and concepts important at first steps.


Technical University of Lodz
2010 — 2012

Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics. Field: Computer Science.
Major in Information Systems in management and E-commerce.

I have defended my master thesis in October 2012. The topic of thesis was "Web applications efficiency tuning" and was rated 5 of 5. Thesis covered in detail the process of maintaining and optimizing existing applications or designing them from scratch using best solutions. This topic was also related with cloud computing and distributing application logic into individual apps - each with different responsibilities.

Technical University of Lodz
2007 - 2010

Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics. Field: Computer Science.
Major in Information Systems and Databases.

For bechelor theis I wrote publication about "Creating Web Applications using Symfony framework". At the same time I have implemented example app which was school register ready for 3 levels of control - student, teacher, director. Also app was ready for managing more than one school using multidomain approach. The thesis was rated 5 of 5.

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